The Medium: How To Open The Sealed Basement Door

The Medium Open sealed basement door

The Medium Open sealed basement door: Medium is a terrifying game in line with the classic Resident Evil / Silent Hill titles, which is why it has several puzzles that need to mock the environment to get clues. There is one puzzle that needs to be explored in a dark basement, to get the passcode of a closed house door, and it can be painful to find.

Medium follows a witch named Marianne, who has the ability to live in two worlds at the same time. Marianne is in the real world and in the spirit world, and her actions will sometimes affect another. Medium is set up in an abandoned hotel, where the massacre took place years ago. Marianne is searching for a hotel and is soon being attacked by spirits of the dead. He can defend himself in the spirit world, because of his supernatural abilities, but the threats are beginning to appear. The Medium Open sealed basement door given below.

The Medium Open sealed basement door

Sometime in The Medium, Marianne will visit the burnt ruins of an old house. The upper floor was destroyed by fire, but the lower floor was solid. In the basement, there is a closed door that looks like an entrance to the basement. The only problem is that the door is locked with a keypad, which requires a four-digit code to unlock. Marianne needs a search of the environment to find clues about the passcode for The Medium Open sealed basement door.

The Medium Open sealed basement door

If the player uses the ability to see Marianne’s second (by pressing LB on the Xbox controller) while checking the door, they will get a clue to the puzzle solution. The “1”, “6”, and “9” buttons will light up, suggesting that the required buttons. The Medium Open sealed basement door This means that the player needs to break the code using those four numbers.

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If the player is looking for close quarters, they will find an open lock and a desk with a receipt. Inside the cupboard, there is an empty box that once held an expensive watch. The note in the box means the ten-year anniversary of the recipient. The receipt states that the watch was purchased in 1976. Use it for The Medium Open sealed basement door.

The Medium Open sealed basement door

The departmental passcode is the year in which the 10th anniversary is mentioned, meaning the code to open the door is “1966”, as it is ten years before the date on which you bought the watch. This is the most frustrating puzzle to complete, as there is nothing in nature to show that the pass code is related to any one person.

Use this code for The Medium Open sealed basement door, until then happy gaming.

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