Easy Guide to Unlock a Sun Stone: Pokémon GO!!!

In Pokemon GO a Sun Stone is an exclusive evolutionary item of Grass-type Pokémon. You can get it by spinning PokéStops.

Pokemon Go Sun Stone

Getting a sun Stone in POKÉMON GO – Hello to my fellow Pokémon enthusiasts. We are back with another guide covering another topic. This time things are going to get a bit interesting. We are going to help you to earn a Sun Stone Pokémon. We got numerous requests for this one especially. So finally we have it. So before starting, just a reminder to stay till the last of the set as there are many important points. Let’s start.

Sun Stone Pokemon Go

Sun Stone:

This particular thing in the game Pokémon is a bit difficult to find. Many of you guys mustn’t have known about this.  This particular item can be earned by the grass-type Pokémon trainers. You can get this from spinning in the poke stops. This legendary item was introduced in the game way back in the second generation of the series. The Sun Stone in Pokémon gold and silver mode was helpful in evolving gloom. Before the stone, gloom used to evolve into Vileplume by using a Leaf Stone. But after the Sun Stone things changed. Sun Stone changed Bloom into Bellessom. Soon after, many evolutions were added to the stone itself.

Rare Evolve Mates:

The Sun Stone allows evolving of some of the Pokémon’s. They include Gloom, Sunkern, Conttonee, and Petili. Sunkern evolves into sun flora after getting in contact with the Sun Stone along with 50 sun candy. For getting the Sun Stone you will have to spin in the poke stops. You can also get a chance to get your hands on evolutionary items like dragon scales, upgrade, and metal coat. The chances of getting a Sun Stone are as low as 1%. So the best strategy is to go to a place where you can find a lot of Poke stops. This will increase of getting the Stone to some extent.


Use of SunStone:

There is another possibility of getting the poke stone by completing Pokémon Go’s research breakthrough task. If you clear the field research tasks then you will get a stamp daily. So the rumor has it that the game is going to add massive upgrades for sunstone in the coming editions. So it’s better if you guys keep trying from now on. Who knows what you might end up in between? You might get a chance to get a super rare Pokémon as well so stakes are very high this time. So keep fighting lads.

sun stone in Pokemon Go