V Rising: Easy Guide to Get Silver

In V Rising, if you want to get the silver which is very dangerous venture, you need to be extra cautious. Here's the guide on Do and Don't.

V Rising Get Silver

Playing V Rising is quite interesting if you are on a venture of defeating enemy players but collecting silver is not an easy one. But you don’t have to worry just keep scrolling below this article. We’ll let you know how you can get these silver. Keep in mind that it’s not as easy as finding irons in the game as they don’t spawn outside apart from a few selected areas.

If you go on finding this silver it gives you a debuff when you keep a hold of it but it’s quite necessary these silvers can be turned into coins so that you can have a friendly business with the vampires.

Best Farming Spot for Finding Mourning Lillies in V Rising:

Most of the guides around suggest that you go on and use fast travel so that you can reach the Silverlight Hills. You can look out for looking Sparse silver nodes here and there but they are not that frequently available but you can go on inside the cave at the Northwestern – most spot.

v-rising-guide You’ll also find some Mid-tier opponents as well as a lot of silver nodes, you’ll be able to fill up your inventory with a lot of silver and gems too in less time.

 More Basic Tips:

Silver’s are not easy to farm like the other resources in V RIsing, even when it’s found in abundance. It requires a high-level weapon of level 72 as it does not work to bleed the mine.

V Rising How To Get Silver

You should make quick trips to fill up your bags and then head over directly to the base in order to avoid any side ventures. After looting drop off the loot in the Vampire lockbox and not in a regular container as the enemies can’t loot Vampire lockboxes as these are your prized possession.

Hope you get your hands soon on this silver and don’t forget to share this article with your friends so that they can also have a good time collecting the silver in V Rising. Also read about getting Coarse Thread in V Rising.

V Rising Silver