Volcanoids: Guide for The Lava Source Quest

Valcanoids Lava Source Quest

Valcanoids Lava Source Quest: Like all survival games out there, the world of Volcanoids is dangerous and scary to explore. It looks like every single thing in the world wants to kill a player and they will do their best to make it happen. Not only are there a lot of enemies out there trying to bring down the player but, they also need to worry about the volcano itself destroying everything in its path.

Throughout the game, the player will eventually be given the task of shutting down a volcanic eruption around the world. There are various sources of lava in the game where the player will need to find and participate in stopping enemy COGs causing many explosions. This is by no means a small or easy task, so this guide shows players how to complete Valcanoids Lava Source Quest.

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Valcanoids Lava Source Quest

The first part of the Volcanoid the player will use to get resources and improve their performance to help fight enemies. After a while, though the captain will eventually give the player the task of stopping the explosion that is happening in the world by going to the first source of lava for Valcanoids Lava Source Quest.

Valcanoids Lava Source Quest

The captain will give the player a mark on a map that he will follow leading them to a southeast corner. If a player takes a drillship there they will go down the mountain and find a cave where the COGs are blowing up.

The first thing a player will want to do is lower the gun turret that protects the big ball. If a player has it in his hands he will want to install Valcanoids Lava Source Quest turret bombs to bring them down. They will also need to look for any nearby COGs that will try to prevent them from doing this again.

Valcanoids Lava Source Quest

Once these are down the player will need to remove three cranes around the drill. Grenades are also an easy way to get them out, but the player may want to save their explosives in the last part of the machine. Instead, Valcanoids Lava Source Quest they can climb up and use their pickaxe to break the cranes easily.

Once this is down the enemy will be destroyed on the ground and a few waves of COG will come out to fight the player. If the player has any remaining explosives, this is the time to use them. While fighting a player he will want to get back on his ball and get out of the area very Valcanoids Lava Source Quest quickly. This will eliminate the mission and shut down this lava source, making survival on this planet much easier.

Use this guide to complete Valcanoids Lava Source Quest, until then Happy Gaming.