Valheim Guide: How to Crave Best Armours and Weapons

If you want the best weapons and armours in Valheim, this informative guide is for you.

Valheim Guide on Best Weapons and Armours

Valheim– Weapons and Armours help you to get more stronger and resistant in the game. Thus, in a game like Valheim, you must be curious to know about the recipes and ingredients that you would need to prepare the best weapons and armour.  Here are the lists and briefs about them.

Valheim Weapons and armours

Valheim Best Weapons:

  • Stagbreaker: You will be able to access this weapon after you defeat the First Boss. You will have to hunt and gather ingredients from deers and boars in order to craft this weapon. This is the only Warhammer in the game and has some amazing offensive and defensive properties.
  • Draugr Fang: You will have the access to this weapon near the end of the game. You will be accompanied by the Huntsman Bow, till you get the recipe for this weapon. You can equip your Draugr Fang with a variety of arrows including the needle arrows and the elemental arrows. This may prove to be one of the best weapons to take to the war between you and the Final Boss.
  • Frostner: This is a melee weapon that you can access much earlier in the game. You can purchase the ingredients from Haldor the Merchant. As soon as you locate Haldor,  you will be privileged to craft this weapon. The only requirement that will be locked with this weapon is silver. You can get it only after you defeat the third boss.  Thus, till then you can start collecting Ancient bark and freeze glands which are available in the Swamp and Mountains areas. You will have access to them anytime you want in the game.

Valheim tips for best weapons and armours

Valheim, Best Armour:

The best armour in Valheim is the Wold Armour. It needs only 2 ingredients to be crafted, which are wolf pelts and silver. However,  you would be able to access the ingredients only after defeating the Third Boss. You will find this enemy somewhere in the mid of the game. The set of this armor includes leg and chest pieces, and a fur cape. The Drake helmet is also crafted from the same ingredients i.e., wolf Pelts and silver.

How to get best weapons and armours in Valheim

So, it is suggested to start collecting silver as soon as you acquire the Wishbone and craft the armour as soon as possible. You can later upgrade your Wolf Armour with the padded Armour set. The padded armour set is crafted with iron and linen thread and has the highest rating in the game. Thus acquiring that will help you a lot in the game. Valheim Guide on best weapons and armours