Valheim Guide on Stone Buildings and Stonecutter | Quick Unlocking Tips

If you are wondering about stonecutter and stone building in Valheim. Here's is the detailed guide you must go through to clear your inexplicable doubts.

Valheim Stonecutter and Stone Buildings Guide
Valheim is such a game that can leave you having an addiction towards it. The latest buzz is created on unlocking stonecutter and stone buildings. Although, there are many other articles for Valheim on AskGamer written on different tips and tricks, guides, and updates. But the latest craving of players is on using and unlocking stonecutter along with Stone Buildings. Here’s is a quick update, that will clear all your doubts regarding the same.

What is the Use of Stonecutter & Stone Buildings in Valheim?

Well if you are wondering about the use of stonecutter and stone buildings then here is the answer – In Valheim the Stonecutter proves to be the game-changer as it is used for manufacturing stone buildings. And that helps in making your base safe, secure, and withstand even in the oddest and toughest biomes. But, for unlocking it you have to do a little bit of task for accessing this extraordinary Workbench.

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In the early stage of Valheim, you would have introduced the Wood building pieces, as the building is one of the main tasks. If players think that by using excess stones they can make stone buildings, then they are right. You can make stone buildings by putting stones together, all you have to do is little hard work. The steps are discussed below, have a look.

Valheim Stonecutter and Stone Buildings Guide

Guide to Get the Valheim Stonecutter:

To build a stonecutter, you need to have some special resources apart from other previously used Workbenches. At very first, you have to find a Swamp that is very much needed and then have to dig-up some Iron in order to make it. It’s quite very difficult unlocking stonecutter without defeating 2nd Boss of the game.

The list of items you need to have in order to get Stonecutter in the game includes Workbench in range, 10 Wood, 2 Iron Bars, and 4 Stone. Although for the newbies Iron Bars are the most intricate requirement. However, getting your hands on the stonecutter is fully worth.

Valheim Stone-cutter building guide

Requirement of Stone Buildings in Valheim:

Now, after unlocking the Stonecutter you get access to unlock the stone buildings. For secure your base and to be save in the harsher situational biomes, the most important thing you need is stone buildings. Players must have it in the game to survive better and hence playing smoothly.

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