Blood-bags in Valheim is one of the many important items one can bank-up from Valheim mobs. This item is required to use some potions that are resistant to frost, in order to avoid being frozen. And hence you will save from being dead in the game. Moreover, blood-bags are highly required to progress in the Mountain biome. Let’s dive deep with us to know the complete deets on how and where to find blood-bags in Valheim. In addition to the walkthrough on the recipes, one can make using it.

finding bloodbags in Valheim

Finding Bloodbags in Valheim:

There are moreover many locations to find blood-bags – the very basic way to find blood-bags is to assassinate leeches in the Swamp Biome. In the swamp, Leeches are one of the many different mobs you discover. And they could be seen relaxing in the water bodies. The foremost thing you have to keep in mind while combating Leeches is that- they release poison potions attacks. And that could damage you totally. So, maintain a distance while battling them. Afterward, on killing a leech in the deepwater body, a blood-bag can be found sinking to the bottom surface of the water. And that is for you, which can be retrieved when needed.

how to find blood-bags in valheim

Types of Blood-Bag Recipes and How to Use Them:

Currently, the blood bags can be used in preparing 4 recipe items that are Frost Resistance Mead Base, Blood pudding, Medium Healing Mead Base, and Red Banner. Here dropdown is the list of recipes you can prepare using blood-bags.

bloodbags recipes in valheim

  1. Mead Base: Frost Resistance (2 Blood bag, 10 Honey, 5 Thistle, and 1 Greydwarf Eye)
  2. Blood pudding (2 Blood bag, 2 Thistle, and 4 Barley Flour)
  3. Red Banner (1 Blood bag, 2 Fine Wood, and 6 Leather Scraps)
  4. Mead Base: Medium Healing (4 Blood bag, 10 Honey, 10 Raspberries, and 1 Dandelion)

However, among all 4 recipes, Blood Pudding is one of the top-notch food items. Whereas Frost Resistance Mead Base and Medium Healing Mead Base could be better used in survival while going through the Mountains biome.

Valheim guide to get bloodbags


This guide would have given you a better understanding of finding blood-bags and the recipes that would be made using them. By applying these skills you would save yourself up to the last.

How to farm bloodbags in valheim

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