Valheim Guide to Summon & Defeat Moder

Here is the detailed info on how to summon and defeat Moder in Valheim,which will make your way easy while gaming.

How to defeat moder in Valheim

Valheim– Moder is one of the most challenging enemies you will encounter in the game Valheim. In order to reach this level, you should have knowledge of the Frost Resistance Mead. Though it is difficult and challenging to get Moder defeated, it is not impossible to do so. We would suggest going in a team of 2. So, that you can defeat Moder smoothly. If you want to go solo,  then it may be a bit difficult but still, you have chances of winning when you use the right strategy to do so. We will guide you through the two steps by which you can summon and defeat Moder.

Valheim guide to defeat Moder

Valheim, How to Summon Moder:

You can find the sacrifice Altar inside of of the stone houses near the Mountains Biome. The location will be marked in red on your map and hence it will be easy for you to find it.  When you reach the spot,  then you can summon Moder by offering 3 Dragon Eggs. In order to get the 3 Dragon Eggs to the place,  you would need a heavyweight capacity because each Dragon Egg weighs 200kg.

How to Summon Moder in Valheim

Thus, buy a Megingjord belt from the merchant to increase your weight capacity. You will find the Dragon Eggs in the Mountains Biome in the nests guarded by Drakes.  The Eggs will be found near the Morder spot only.  You have to find each egg drop it on the Altar and then again spot, search, pick and drop another Egg, till all of them are collected.  Now,  you can offer these to Moder and summon him.

Valheim, How to Defeat Moder:

You would need the following ingredients in order to defeat Moder:

  • Frost Resistance Mead x2
  • Wolf Armour (optional)
  • Poison Arrows x100
  • Medium Healing Mead x2
  • Medium Stamina Mead x2
  • Strong Melee Weapon
  • Eikthyr Power
  • Good Health and Stamina Food

Valheim How to Defeat Moder

Now, Moder has 3 attacks including one melee attack and two ranged projectile attacks. You can protect yourself from this attack by using a decent shield. You may even perhaps stagger the foe for some guaranteed critical hits. The ranged attacks are much critical than the melee. Hence you would need Frost Resistance Mead and Wolf Armor to slow down your degradation and take advantage of the time in order to attack and defeat your enemy.  You will have to shoot Poison Arrows whenever you can to deteriorate your enemy and plan to make him lie dead.

How to defeat Moder in Valheim