Valorant Devs Speaks Up on FPS Drop Errors | Best Way to Fix it!!!

If you want to fix Devs Address FPS Drop Issues, then follow this guide line by line.

Valorant FPS Drop Issues

Fps Drop Issue in Valorant Devs – So we are back again with another article. This time we are going to address an issue that is going on in the famous game valorant. Players have been complaining about FPS drops in the game. So let’s see what we can offer you in this.

How to fix Valorant FPS Drop Issues


Games are Pretty Unreliable:

Talking about games it is termed to be as unreliable because when it comes to apps, software, hardware, etc, no one can guarantee its life. For example crashing apps, pages, etc. even the tech giant Google manages to crash pretty often. Same in a PC ecosystem you cannot optimize everything. The thing that you can do is keep upgrading your tech. There have been many games that have faced a lot of issues. Valorant is a newcomer in the line so let’s see what its issue is.

FPS Drop in Valorant:

So recently on Ask Valorant many of the gamers asked about frequent FPS drops in the game Valorant. They also asked about the advancements they have done to overcome this problem. Replying to that, the Devs said that they are working on the CPU performance of the game. These FPS drops can be of two types. Either from the CPU side or from the GPU side.

No-One to be Blamed:

As mentioned above you can’t actually blame the developers for this. If you see, a guy with a low-end PC will have a problem from the GPU side and the guy with a high-end PC will have an issue from the CPU side. The main reasons for FPS drops are

  • A lot of abilities
  • A lot of agents
  • Team battle

These are the 3 main reasons for the FPS drop in the game.

Valorant Devs on FPS Drop ISsues

Devs Working on it:

One thing is confirmed that the devs have taken this issue seriously as this game has been liked by a lot of gamers. Valorant also has competitive scrims. So seeing this kind of impact on a game could surely make the devs work more quickly. Let’s hope they come out with a solution soon.

FPS Drop Issues in Valorant