Valorant has kinda fixed Rifle Movement Accuracy

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The enormously growing 5v5 Competitive FPS had a huge problem from the beginning. Valorant’s near-perfect accuracy of weapons while movement is something that many pro players, streamers and fans have been very vocal about.

The ‘Run&Gun’ Problem

It was both annoying and senseless for a competitive FPS. It somewhat made the game feel broken as it was supposed to be a competitor for CS: GO with its gunplay and ability usage. But in the end, everything felt short to your tactical movement and strategies when an opponent just flew past you and landed a perfect headshot with a vandal in the process.

The thing was so out of hand that many popular voices asked the developers to fix it. If you have played Valorant, you would know that Vandal is a high risk- high reward gun that takes time and effort to master but deals heavy damage. Even this Vandal was being used to Run&Gun players and that made absolutely no sense!

The developers at Riot Games did finally respond on this matter back in December of last year.

Max Grossman, co-lead designer of Valorant, was the main man behind that statement and he assured everyone that they are working on the issue and it was a top priority on their design team. But he mentioned that it won’t be coming to the next patch but will come to the live game very soon. And the fix has finally arrived after more than a year of the game’s beta and final release.

Rifle Movement Accuracy with Patch 2.02

The Patch 2.02 update has made some drastic changes to the game. This includes the Run&Gun nerf, Competitive updates, and various bug fixes.

Rifle Movement Accuracy

This patch nerfs the current accuracy rate of the rifles in Valorant. This includes all the four rifles, Bulldog, Guardian, Phantom and Vandal. This nerfs rifles by increasing its shooting error while movement so that killing with rifles while moving becomes a very scarce occasion. Longer range fights will affect the rifle movement accuracy the most.

  • Running Error across rifles increased 3.75 >>> 5.0
  • Walking Error across rifles increased .8 >>> 1.1
  • Crouch-moving Error across rifles increased .3 >>> .8

All type of shooting while moving (running, shift-walking or crouching) with rifles will affect its accuracy as listed above. These implementations are something that would take time to perfectly fit with the game and its players. Riot Games has mentioned that they will be closely monitoring this and fine-tune changes throughout the time coming.

After this update, we have tested the new changes by playing the game and it sure does have its effect. The ‘Run&Gun’ with rifles have decreased in time but haven’t yet been eliminated properly. There were still a few instances we had to face this situation and vice-versa. This needs a lot of fine-tuning and adjustment to match it with the expectations. Though we can’t deny the fact that rifle users now have to stand still a bit more properly to land the perfect spray and accuracy.

Other Changes in Valorant Patch 2.02

The patch 2.02 hasn’t only added the fix to rifle movement accuracy but also added some important changes. One of the sub changes are changes in competitive matchmaking, like;

Fixing the MMR to help players reach their deserving ranks, Diamond 3 ranked players will only be allowed to match with two players premade lobby and not any more, and lots of gameplay bugs and fixes.

2 2 21 PatchNotes2 02Article Highlights

Our Thoughts

This patch 2.02 is overall a great one that included drastic changes to the game, fixed various bugs and fixed the prolong issue with the game. A successful patch by Riot Games nonetheless, and we hope this would improve from here on after.


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