Valorant’s New Ranking System (RR)- Explained!

Tracking your rank gets much easier.


Valorant had just received its ‘Episode 2’ update which was relatively major for the game. With the main update and the later patches, a lot of things have changed throughout the game and one of them is the ranking system. We have talked about Valorant’s Episode 2 update on our page a few days earlier.

But to understand the new system, we have to look back at the old scheme first.


Ranking System Before

Before the Valorant Episode 2 update, players used to get green UP arrows on winning a match and red DOWN arrows on losing a match.

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  • The individual performance decided the number of arrows received with the worst performance getting one arrow on winning and two or three was awarded to the players with the better performance.
  • On losing, the players with great individual performance would receive one or two down arrows and the worst performance was offered with three.
  • Drawing a match usually awarded no increment or decrement in ratings with a ‘equals’ sign. If a player played really well in the match with a ‘Match MVP’ and had a great individual performance, they were often awarded little positive ratings or arrows.
  • Sometimes, such great individual performance led to positive green up arrows even upon losing, to that player only.

The whole ranking system with promotion and demotions were kinda guessable but not completely clear. The new change in the ranking system clears things out a bit more.


New Ranking System ‘RR’

Players are now able to see their Rank Rating, or RR gained and lost with every match on their career page. Mind you, that these ratings are out of 100 for each skill group. This makes things very transparent to the players providing them insights on how to queue up for the next match and while being serious about it.

  • On Winning a match, the players will now receive a ‘rating point’. This rating point will vary from 10 being the minimum and 50 being the maximum rating possible. The rating points are affected by individual performance and difference in rounds on the scoreboard. It is not exactly predictable on how much ratings you will be getting but it normally stands in between 21 to 31 for average nor decent performance.
  • On losing a match, the same rule is followed with only a minor exception. The rating lost margin is scaled around 10 being the minimum and 30 being the maximum. It often strikes near the low 20s unless you have played exceptionally well or terrible.
  • This new RR system makes the promotion in Ranking a bit easier with the possibility of 50. And in comparison, the demotion is quite harder as the maximum RR loss one can get is 30.
  • The game still offers players with a chance to stay in their current rank if they win the next match with their rating on the border. For example, if your RR is 18/100 and you have just lost a match with 21 RR lost, you would still be at your present rank with RR being at 0/100. If you win the next match you would get a positive rating but upon losing, you will get demoted.
  • Drawing a match on Immortal rank makes RR gained or lost to 0. The maximum RR gained on a draw, in the rankings of Iron to Diamond, is 20.

Other Changes in Ranking

As we all know, there has been a major change in Valorant’s ranking system. 

  • The Immortal class division of 1,2 and 3 has been abolished, making Immortal a single ultimate rank itself.
  •  While the Radiant Rank has been indulged into a trophy with a leaderboard. The Top 500 Immortal players of each region with most RR will be granted Radiant. This means the top 1% of each region will be getting Radiant which is entirely dependent on their performance and efforts.
  • The maximum rank a player can open up from now on is capped to Platinum 3. It doesn’t matter if you were Diamond or Immortal in previous acts, you would still be getting Platinum 3. This makes the whole game a bit more competitive and one have to grind a lot and put a lot of efforts to be on the Radiant Leaderboard.

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Our Thoughts

Valorant is growing rapidly and has been successful soar. It is great to see that Riot Games are taking well care of the game and player demands and feedback. The new Episode just made the game more competitive and everyone is happy with the transparent Rank Rating or RR, mostly.

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