COD: Warzone Pacific Caldera – Guide to Festive Fervor Event and Rewards

Festive Fervor Event

The Festive Fervor Event in Call of Duty: Warzone Pacific Caldera is up and live and there are many things you should know about. To know more about the event in detail and its perks, read this article down below.

About the Festive Fervor Event in COD: Warzone

So the Festive Fervor Event is now live and will be in the game till 4th January 2023. Players can take part in this event whenever they play a match in COD: Vanguard or Warzone Pacific Caldera. There are many challenges offered in the Festive Fervor Event that players can complete for sweet rewards. One of the up points of this event is the game boss Krampus. We have already covered how to defeat him in an earlier article, so do check that out first.

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There are also members of Elf Team Six, scattered around the map, taunting players around the entire Pacific Caldera. And to spice things up, there are new guns and attachments added t the game from COD: Vanguard to breeze through the challenges in the event.

The key points in the Festive Fervor Event are Krampus, Elf Team Six and Loot Trees. Krampus is going to be the hardest challenge out of everything. The members of Elf Team Six are, however, easier to eliminate but will annoy you massively. And for high-tier loots, be sure to visit the green icons around Pacific Caldera for the best loot in the game.

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The Challenges in the Event

Also, there are 6 challenges in the Festive Fervor Event to earn some good rewards. Once completed all six challenges, players will unlock the Ol’Timey Type 11 Blueprint. The six challenges in the Festive Fervor Event are mentioned below;

  1. Event Challenge No. 1– Play Warzone for 7 hours to get a one-hour ‘Double XP token’
  2. Event Challenge No. 2– Travel 25 miles in Warzone to get the ‘Derailed Rare Spray’
  3. Event Challenge No. 3– Deal 365 damage to Krampus to get the ‘Skullflake Rare Emblem’
  4. Event Challenge No. 4– Destroy 12 Elves to get a ‘Toy Gun Epic Calling Card’
  5. Event Challenge No. 5– Open a 24 Holiday Crate to get the ‘Naughty List Rare Emblem’
  6. Event Challenge No. 6– Go to eight points of interest (POIs) in Warzone to unlock the ‘Gnome Wars Rare Calling Card’

COD: Warzone

Completing all these challenges will reward players with the Ol’Timey Type 11 Blueprint and that about sums it up.


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