What is a Cuddle Fish and How to find it?

What is a Cuddle Fish in Fortnite 1

If you’ve been playing Fortnite’s Chapter 2 Season 6,  you must have come across various pieces of collectables. There are roughly 44 collectable fish in this season and one of the most prized catches is the Cuddle Fish. However, what is a Cuddle Fish and how can you catch it? Let’s find out!


Cuddle Fish:

How to Catch Cuddle Fish in Fortnite

The Cuddle Fish derives its name from the Cuttle Fish and is one of the most ‘OP’ items in the game at this moment. If used wisely, it can be effective and can do around 35 damage. If you can get your hands on 6 of these, you can use them to kill your enemy with one shot. 

It hugs the enemy when used and explodes, thus killing them. However, there is a tactical way to use it. Once you catch a Cuddle Fish, equip it and throw it in the desired direction. When your enemy walks near it, it will grab onto them and explode, thus causing significant damage.

You can catch one anywhere on the map, but if you can increase your chances by casting a line into a fishing hole. They appear in pink and blue and are very lucky if you get one.

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