Where to Find IO Outposts For Chests & Ammo Boxes in Fortnite | Easy Location Guide!

If you wanna take maximum benefit with a hell lot of ammo and chests by finding IO outposts in Fortnite, then you are not far away.

Fortnite Where To Find IO Outposts For Chests Ammo Boxes

Find IO Outposts – The Third-week challenges are out in Fortnite and looking out for chests and ammo boxes are a great part of it! So, it will be a piece of cake if you’ve already got the locations of the IO outpost for chests and Ammo boxes, keep scrolling through this article below and you’ll get to know about all the locations.

IO Outposts – Things to Keep in Mind Before Action:

Keep this in mind that these are guarded and you can’t go there empty-handed so do a pre-loot moreover you also got to have shields as the presence of enemies will make you lose your HP. All of these outposts don’t have a similar amount of loot so you need to go to more than one in order to complete your quest the better part is you can do this over a number of games.

A player should also check out for ammo boxes as only a single chest is present in an outpost so this will help you to bring up the count in order to complete this challenge. You got to open three chests or ammo boxes in order to complete the challenge.

Perks for the Completion of the Challenge:

  • Twenty thousand XP.
  • A huge level up.

Where To Find IO Outposts in Fortnite IO Outposts – You Need to Go Here:

  • At the North of the Daily Bugle- OUTPOST DASH.
  • At the South of The Sanctuary- OUTPOST RAVEN.
  • At the East of Logjam Lumberyard- OUTPOST OMEGA.
  • AT the west of The Sanctuary – OUTPOST RAVEN.
  • At the Southeast of Greasy Grove- OUTPOST RYDER.

Find IO Outposts For Chests & Ammo Boxes in Fortnite

Not only these there are also other outposts without names having chests which will add up to the challenge. You can also check out for the IO Outposts chest within the outpost but they can’t be easily spotted as they camouflage with the background.

Beware! A Hell Lot of Chests & Ammo Boxes in IO Outposts:

You can get a lot of company from the other players as this is a new challenge that others are also willing to compete. There’s also speculation that the IO ship may crash towards the ground for an in-game event. As time moves we can observe that these separated areas may be equally divided by lines of red and blue and being dominated by The Seven indicating an in-game battle event ft. The Seven and Dr. Slone

Fortnite Where To Find IO Outposts For Chests & Ammo Boxes

Do share the locations with other players of your squad to help them complete their challenges and get the rewards! Don’t miss to read on the guide to the creative changes in Fortnite.