Assassin’s Creed Valhalla A Seer’s Solace Quest Guide

AC Valhalla Seer's Solace Quest

AC Valhalla Seer’s Solace Quest: After arriving in Fornburg and completing the Honor Bound, your next goal will be to go to Valka’s cabin. This is located at the right distance from Fornburg, so if you get a little lost, this Assassin’s Creed Valhalla A Seace Solace guide will help you get it back.

The first thing you should know is that it is best to get your horse before you leave Fornburg, which can be very helpful in making the long trip shorter. Here’s how to get to Valka’s cottage in Assassin’s Creed Valhalla, according to the full AC Valhalla Seer’s Solace Quest.

AC Valhalla Seer's Solace Quest

AC Valhalla Seer’s Solace Quest Guide

AC Valhalla Seer’s Solace Quest starts, After talking to Gunnar and fixing your father’s ax, proceed to the village. On the northeast corner of the Fornburg residential area there will be two horses set up from there. Get up first and start your journey to Valka’s hut. It’s a long walk, so be sure to look for the search mark – when you reach a mountain range on the northwest edge of Fornburg, climb, skip, and pass.

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The simplest route has a vague track record, so you’ll know you’re on the right track if you follow that. This route will take you to a mountaintop, where you can climb to the finish line. Once you have passed this bow, head straight to the market for access to Valka’s hut, which is just around the corner in AC Valhalla Seer’s Solace Quest.

The cutscene will play as soon as you get inside. Valka will give you a concoction that will help you understand the idea you had after defeating Rikiwulf at the start of the game – take the concoction and go to sleep before waking up from a bad sleep. Go outside and look straight ahead – slightly to the right you will see a hill and a wolf similar to the one before standing up AC Valhalla Seer’s Solace Quest. This time we have Sigurd. Follow them around the winding mountain roads until you pass a set of double doors above the stairs. Another cutscene will play.

AC Valhalla Seer's Solace Quest

When you wake up, you will tell Valka that you saw yourself betraying Sigurd in your opinion, which must have been wrong. You say your idea won’t lie, but then you go out. After the cutscene AC Valhalla Seer’s Solace Quest, you will have a new search mark that will take you back to Fornburg – now that you know the way, it should be a quick return trip.

Drive back to Fornburg and talk to Randvi again. He will tell you that King Styrbjorn is ready to talk to you in a long house. The tall house is a large building to the right of the harbors – you can’t throw it away. AC Valhalla Seer’s Solace Quest Go inside and play another cutscene, where Styrbjorn scolds you for taking Kjotve to events that took place before the wish of Honor Bound.

In the middle of the conversation, however, Randvi will walk in the doors and inform you and the king that Sigurd is back. After you restart control of Eivor, go down to the harbor to talk to your brother, thus completing AC Valhalla Seer’s Solace Quest, which will start the search for the Lost Prince. We have also created guide for Assassin’s Creed Valhalla Unwelcome quest.

Use this guide to complete AC Valhalla Seer’s Solace Quest, until then happy gaming.