Dark Souls 3: Iudex Gundyr Boss Guide


Dark Souls 3 Ludex Gundyr Boss: The first boss in any Ghost game won’t get too hard. In most cases, players are expected to die during training (Demon’s Souls and Bloodborne). With regard to Dark Spirits, however, startup managers often offer a higher challenge. Taking clues from Bloodborne’s frantic gameplay loop, Black Souls 3 is a much faster game than ever and makes heavy use of multiplayer battles to keep fighting strong.

One of the biggest surprises in Dark Souls 3 is not just how the first boss fights, but the fact that they offer a real challenge. Aside from the likes of Cleric Beast or Father Gascoigne, Dark Souls 3 Ludex Gundyr Boss could be the toughest opening manager in the Soulsborne franchise. This is not to say that he is particularly tough – the veterans of the series should be able to beat him in their first attempt – but he fights hard and is designed to punish newcomers.

Dark Souls 3 Ludex Gundyr Boss

What makes Dark Souls 3 Ludex Gundyr Boss so difficult for the first manager is how to break the expectations between multiple stages and a complex attack pattern. Most open controls (even in Ghost games) are not what you need, forcing players to fully understand the main controls and equipment before they can climb.

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Dark Souls 3 Ludex Gundyr Boss

Route to Gundyr

Cemetary of Ash is the first major site for Black Souls 3 and although it plays a few branch modes, the route to Dark Souls 3 Ludex Gundyr Boss is straight. From the start of the game, just go straight and make sure you download the Ashen Estus Flask (filling the lost Parliament) along the way. And you should know that players have only 3 Estus aids at the beginning of Black 3 Souls, so use them well.

There is a Ravenous Crystal Lizard that hides one of the branch paths for anyone who wants to test their strength early, but if not go ahead and follow the exit hill to Bonfire. While the rest at Bonfire fills the health and Estus cases, you will not be able to climb until after defeating Dark Souls 3 Ludex Gundyr Boss.

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Move down the hill and kill any Grave Wardens along the way. Be patient and don’t let them beat you because you will want as much life as possible in the employer’s war. Similarly, just relax at Bonfire if you end up taking damage. When you are ready, head towards the courtyard where Dark Souls 3 Ludex Gundyr Boss is kneeling.

Dark Souls 3 Ludex Gundyr Boss

The Iudex Challenge

Unlike other bosses in Dark Souls 3, players don’t need to go through the fog gate to start the battle of Dark Souls 3 Ludex Gundyr Boss (add another surprise to the battle). Go to Gundyr’s body and join him to pull out this Combined Sword from his chest. Quickly start attacking Iudex Gundyr with free sheets and go back as he grows better.

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Dark Souls 3 Ludex Gundyr Boss is weak in Frost, Fire, and Lightning as well as being parryable. Don’t bother blocking any Gundyr attacks unless you absolutely need them because his strikes are heavy enough to get Stamina out quickly. Instead, look at his telegraph and aim to avoid any attacks. It would be dangerous with only three Estus, but it’s better than measuring Stamina between blocks in the end they won’t hold.

Dark Souls 3 Ludex Gundyr Boss

Categories of Iudex Gundyr

The battles of the multi-division bosses were not uncommon in a series of ghosts until FromSoftware released Blood. Many of the officers in Bloodborne introduced radical changes that had a profound effect on the course of the war. Iudex Gundyr quickly introduced the players to the multi-stage managers in Dark Souls 3, making a dramatic change after being sufficiently affected.

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The two categories of Dark Souls 3 Ludex Gundyr Boss are different enough to require different strategies. In the first stage, Gundyr will stick to his Halberd and go on long and heavy strikes mounted on the fence. In his second episode, Gundyr develops awesome additions and uses a more aggressive style. You will need quick minds to escape his attacks and use whatever openness he makes. Stay angry and Iudex Gundyr should come down immediately.

Use this guide to defeat Dark Souls 3 Ludex Gundyr Boss, Until then happy gaming.

Dark Souls 3 Ludex Gundyr Boss