Destiny 2: How to Complete Intruder Alert Seasonal Challenge

Destiny 2 Intruder Alert Challenge

Destiny 2 Intruder Alert Challenge: Chosen’s Destiny 2 season is full of things to do, including new challenges of the year that come with each week’s reset. These challenges can include all objectives, such as killing a certain number of enemies, completing certain tasks, or collecting resources. Challenges reward players with Bright Dust, experience, and a reputation for War Table upon completion.

One of the challenges of the Week 4 season is called Destiny 2 Intruder Alert Challenge and it puts in place the task of making sure Ghost is not interrupted during the battlefield event. This needs to be done twice to complete the challenge, but many players are confused about what it needs to do, and where they can go to complete it. The good news is that this Destiny 2 challenge is very easy to achieve.

Destiny 2 Intruder Alert Challenge: How to Complete

To complete the Destiny 2 Intruder Alert Challenge, players will need to make their way to Nessus and participate in Battlefields: Oracle mission. This can be achieved by checking the Nessus map in Director or by playing the Battlegrounds playlist in the Vanguard menu and getting lucky. At the beginning of the mission, players will need to set up their Ghost to scan the Vex column.

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Enemy Cabal will start breeding, including Disruptor Psions who will try to go to Ghost to disrupt the scanning process. These Disruptor Psions will be marked with points when they appear, so players who stay alert will easily recognize them in Destiny 2 Intruder Alert Challenge.

Destiny 2 Intruder Alert Challenge

Keeping Disruptor Psions, is a good strategy to save heavy ammo until they emerge, and then cut them down quickly with powerful weapons. Swords like Falling Guillotine and The Lament do a great job of cutting through Disruptor Psions, leaving them in Destiny 2 Intruder Alert Challenge on their tracks before they reach Ghost and interrupt the scan.

Players who want to complete this Destiny 2 Intruder Alert Challenge as soon as possible should start the event directly from the Nessus map. This will require less power than the Vanguard playlist, and it will be much easier to deal with enemies and Disruptor Psions. It would also be a good idea to bring in Stasis clips, as this will give players the ability to slow down and catch Disruptor Psions, giving them more time to release them.

Destiny 2 Intruder Alert Challenge

Players who are confident in their ability to release Disruptor Psions can play with the Vanguard playlist, as it makes sense to kill two birds with one stone, complete a Destiny 2 Intruder Alert Challenge and grind new Legendary gears at the same time. This is especially important now as Bungie has decided to remove the sunset from Destiny 2, which is good news for all viewers.

Use this guide to complete Destiny 2 Intruder Alert Challenge, until then happy gaming.

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