How to Get the New Stasis Aspects in Destiny 2

Destiny 2 Statis Aspects

Destiny 2 Statis Aspects: Selected Time was selected in Destiny 2 on February 9, 2023, with new public space, new weapons and armor, additional playlist activity, and the installation of three new Stasis features (one for each class). Unlike previous features launched in Season of the Worthy, the new ones are much simpler and quicker to unlock. After working on the goal of starting the season and seeing some new cinema content, the Guardians can begin their journey to discover new Aspects for each Stasis subclass.

As is customary with each role of Destiny 2, Season of Choices authorizes additional recruitment for players, requiring them to deal with multiple playlist tasks, gifts, and other objectives to get the most out of new content. Like the Hunting Season, Selection Season adds that players of the quest must be smooth and advanced in order to progress with new demands and receive unique seasonal prizes. While we are collecting these new rewards, the Guardians make good use of the new Destiny 2  Stasis Aspects.

Destiny 2 Statis Aspects

Destiny 2 Statis Aspects New Features

To find Destiny 2 Stasis Aspects in the Destiny 2 Season of the Chosen, the Guardians must first play with the intention of starting the season. The mission begins as soon as the players download the new season for the first time, where they will watch the cinematic and do a new job: Battlefields. Once they have completed their first battlefield mission, players can return to orbit.

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In orbit, gamers have the option to go to HELL (a new social center and command center of Vanguard) to continue the main search line, or they can travel to Europe to visit the Exo Stranger. The last option is to start looking for new Destiny 2 Stasis Aspects, called “Aspect of Influence.” Players must complete this task and will need an exotic grenade launcher called Salvation’s Grip to upgrade.

Destiny 2 Statis Aspects

“Aspect of Influence” requires players to go to the Well of Infinitude in Europe. There, Guardians will be urged to destroy small floating pyramids with the Salvation’s Grip. Each time the players destroy a small pyramid they will have to run inside the Well of Infinitude to destroy a few others. With the destruction of the latter, more Vex waves will grow and the Guardians must remove them for Destiny 2 Statis Aspects.

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When the venue is clear, for Destiny 2 Statis Aspects fans must complete the Exo hero challenge, which shows reaching 1270 power levels before attempting. This week, a challenge to protect the platform from Vex waves, the Minotaurs have given as little difficulty as the Overload champion. Once the Guardians have succeeded in eliminating the final manager, the epic Exo Challenge will be complete, and athletes can return to the Exo Stranger for Destiny 2 Statis Aspects.

Destiny 2 Statis Aspects

Finally, players must visit the great pyramid near Exo Stranger, where they will be sent into the dark and discover the Destiny 2 Stasis Aspects for their category as shown below:


Grim Harvest (Hunter) – “Winning slow or cold battles creates Stasis shards. These shards give melee power when taken by players or partners. ”

Hurricane Storm (Titan) – “Use the power of the charged melee as you roll to launch the Stasis power. This will set the targets and create Stasis crystals. ”

Bleak Watcher (Warlock) – “Holding a bomb button turns a bomb into a Stasis turret that can reduce enemies.”


Use this guide to get new Destiny 2 Statis Aspects, until then happy gaming.