Where to Find Apple Cider in Genshin Impact

Genshin Impact Apple Cider

Genshin Impact Apple Cider: Genshin Impact, an open world RPG, brings players to the imaginary world of Teyvat to fight monsters, find treasure chests, and complete dozens of missions. While checking, the player team may drop to HP due to enemy attacks or fall injuries. Fortunately, they can quickly bring it back to life using the many recovery vessels in the game and continue their journey. One of the many healing properties they have is a glass of Genshin Impact apple cider.

Use of Genshin Impact Apple Cider

Genshin Impact Apple Cider, formerly known in the game as apple cider vinegar, is a food item that players can use during their trip. It is classified as a guardian vessel, which means that it restores life to the actor’s character. In particular, drinking one will restore a portion of health, about 25% of it, and provide health rejuvenation for 30 seconds. This makes it a great resource to have during a tough management fight, as it helps keep the player’s party ready and ready to go. This is where players can get apple cider to help them in tough battles.

Genshin Impact Apple Cider

Where to find Genshin Impact Apple Cider

Unlike many food containers at Genshin Impact, athletes cannot cook Genshin Impact Apple Cider on their own. Unfortunately, to think that apples are available in this game and can be used to make a direct drink. The best place to buy apple cider is at the Angel’s Share tavern, which is owned by Diluc wine.

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As one can guess based on that knowledge, a bar, and an extension of Genshin Impact Apple Cider, is located in the city of Mondstat. To get there, take right immediately after passing the front gate of the city. After passing the shops, go up the stairs to find the tavern on the right.

Genshin Impact Apple Cider

Once inside, talk to a bartender named Charles, the players will see when they get into the tavern. You will be selling a drink of Genshin Impact Apple Cider for only 1,500 mora, which is a great price for such a useful price. The catch, however, is that you will only sell two per day.

Consider visiting Angel’s Share every time you play to book an apple cider, so when a player encounters a tough opponent, they’ll have enough to keep their team alive. Since the city of Mondstat is one of the first places new players visit when they start a game, they will be able to find this useful drink at the beginning of their journey.

Use this guide to find Genshin Impact Apple Cider and use it, until then happy gaming.