How to Play the Vampire Role Mod in Among Us

Among Us Vampire Mod

Among Us Vampire Mod: Usually, mods Among Us try to keep the injustice of fraudsters and co-workers alike, but sometimes, it can be fun to let over-the-top fraudsters run. Many models have been created to further the power of the Tricksters and turn among us from a social drag game to a survival game, including Floor by Lava mod and God Mode mod. The new mode created by Sub & Fletch and shown by YouTuber SSundee and friends gives cheaters more power against their colleagues by making them Vampires.

In thisAmong Us Vampire Mod , Tricksters gain killing power with a modified Kill Cooldown timer that gets shorter after each successful kill. They can also turn into a bat and fly around the map with the power to easily pass through walls. While flying around like a bat, Cheaters will not have a name or identification information, allowing them to be a form of deception and anonymity. Fraudsters can also see the location of every player on the map to track their next victim. This will make it incredibly difficult for your co-workers to fight the Vampires, and games played using this mod are often very fast as a result. Here’s how to play the Among Us Vampire Mod.

Among Us Vampire Mod

Among Us Vampire Mod

At the time of writing, there is no public download link for this Among Us Vampire Mod. Once a link is available, players will be able to install and play in the custom guest field. Players can also get custom lobbies with this mod, or similar type, installed. Participating in Sub & Fletch’s integrated lobbies, players will want to send a message to Sub on Twitter.

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When a player is given the role of Deceiver, they play as a Vampire. They will acquire two new skills: Bloodrush and Bat. Vampires can only kill if they are in Bloodrush mode, but it stays for about 30 seconds at a time. While in Bloodrush, Vampires can see the location of every player in the minimap in Among Us Vampire Mod.

Among Us Vampire Mod

Bat’s ability to literally turn a player’s character into a bat at will. This has no cold or time limit, which means Vampire players in Among Us Vampire Mod can use it whenever they want. It allows them to move faster than any other people, and they can easily pass through walls and other obstacles. When they are bats, they will not have the details to identify, but other players can still see them. If they turn around and go back to their characters and be seen, they have a good chance of being caught as a Deceiver.

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Vampire cheaters in Among Us Vampire Mod can get the most out of this game mode by silencing whenever they turn into a bat, especially if they use the CrewLink and Proximity Voice Chat app. This way, other players will see but may not hear the bat until it is too late.

Among Us Vampire Mod

Every time the Deceiver kills during the Bloodrush, they get a second reduction of Kill Cooldown. By the end of the game, cheaters may have the power to kill more often and without the cold. Bloodrush also has no cold space, which is why the Vampire Role model for Impostors in  Among Us Vampire Mod is so powerfully defeated.

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People you work with will need to complete their tasks, but they will be at greater risk. Most likely, Fraudsters will be given a chance to win regularly, and co-workers should simply try to stay longer than others.

So play this Among Us Vampire Mod once available, until then happy gaming.