Assassin’s Creed Valhalla A Cruel Destiny Quest Guide

AC Valhalla A Cruel Destiny Quest Guide: Cruel Destiny is the next application after Rude Awakening in Assassin’s Creed Valhalla, and we see you finally chase away Kjotve the Cruel – the man who killed your mother and father early in the game. This is the longest application you have ever played, and the most difficult.

Luckily we have included this AC Valhalla A Cruel Destiny Quest Guide as part of our Assassin’s Creed Valhalla guides, which means you’ve come to the right place if you have a problem with Kjotve and his men. Here’s how to defeat Kjotve and conquer his castle at Assassin’s Creed Valhalla.


AC Valhalla A Cruel Destiny Quest Guide

The AC Valhalla A Cruel Destiny Quest Guide takes over where Rude Awakening ends and brings you King Harald, a young Norwegian king who wants to unite the Norwegian Jarls under one ruler. He has promised to help you and Sigurd defeat Kjotve the Cruel, so make a deal with him and go to Florli. Don’t worry about where this is on the map – you will be automatically transferred to Florli as soon as the cutscene and King Harald end. When you get there, you will find a new search mark – go to it and talk to Sigurd, who is above the tower in the village.

AC Valhalla A Cruel Destiny Quest Guide

A series of several consecutive cutscenes will play. At the end of the final, he will fight Kjotve himself in a boss battle in AC Valhalla A Cruel Destiny Quest Guide. This is not the hard part as you might think – Kjotve is slow, easy to avoid, not just physical. Plus, Odin just brings you back when you die. This is interesting in terms of how to kill Kjotve while your future is in jeopardy, but it also means that the issues are very much in your favor with the real boss fight.

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Here’s a plan for AC Valhalla A Cruel Destiny Quest Guide: attack Kjotve two or three times every time you defend him. This allows you to take advantage of his recovery while leaving you with enough time and energy to recover before his next attack. If he uses a more aggressive attack, which is symbolized by a red air signal, roll back to the side of the side or to the side to strike.

If you reach the halfway point of life, he will spearhead you to the platform at the bottom right of where you have been fighting so far. The short cutscene will play where Hytham tries to kill him, but Kjotve simply turns him aside and picks him up. The second stage of the war is the same as the first, except that Kjotve can now go where he will charge you with a corpse in his hands – this causes a lot of damage, so put this attack on top of everything else.

AC Valhalla A Cruel Destiny Quest Guide

To avoid this, go through Kjotve, as opposed to going backwards. The recovery speed of this attack is far away, so use Kjotve while standing to face as much damage as possible with a simple attack. After him, you will be taken back to Animus and Odin and Kjotve, where the cutscene will be played in AC Valhalla A Cruel Destiny Quest Guide.

Even after Kjotve’s fall, his son, Gorm, will insist that the war continue. And another cutscene will play, after which your men will level the anti-metal stairs – install one of these stairs at the top of the outer wall so you can open the main gate inside. It is important to go up the stairs as soon as possible so that you are not pushed back down in AC Valhalla A Cruel Destiny Quest Guide. To unlock the main gate, attack both locks on either side of the bar with your weapon. When the bar is no longer held, work with it to open the gate and let your partners enter the living room.

Once your troops have begun to fill in, pass where you live at the next gate, marked with a search mark. This is guarded by a man who brings woe, a powerful type of enemy. Although it does a lot of damage, it moves surprisingly slow and is easy to avoid or as long as you are not too greedy. If you want to deal with it easily, push him to the edge of the bridge where he stands and allow him to start the throbbing attack in AC Valhalla A Cruel Destiny Quest Guide. Dodge on the side and use his recovery time by knocking on the side of the bridge, hitting his health bar quickly.

AC Valhalla A Cruel Destiny Quest Guide

Once you have removed the woolen deliverer, jump down into the ditch under the bridge and wrap it around to the right of the wall. If you climb a small cliff here and jump across the auxiliary line from the top of the fence, you should be able to descend into the fenced area and open the last gate for your contacts to pass through.

Once you arrive, head straight up to the top of the city. You’ll see a big church in front of you, where Gorm seems to have fled. You don’t need any enemies here in AC Valhalla A Cruel Destiny Quest Guide, and you can leave your staff to clean them up if you’d like to press faster. When you get to church, Gorm will lock you inside and set you on fire. You can use the parkour of the old Assassin’s Creed school to climb to the platform and exit through a side window, marked with a search mark. No matter how fast you run, Gorm will run away when you jump.

When you come out of the burning church, you will see that the Raven family has taken over Kjotve’s fortress with the help of King Harald’s army. Go talk to Sigurd and it will play cutscene. This is the end of AC Valhalla A Cruel Destiny Quest Guide, and you feed yourself directly in search of the following key issues: Birth Rights.

Use this AC Valhalla A Cruel Destiny Quest Guide, to finish the quest until then happy gaming.

AC Valhalla A Cruel Destiny Quest Guide