How to Play the Detective Mod in Among Us

Among Us Detective Mod

Among Us Detective Mod: Fans Among Us have always enjoyed mods introducing new roles for colleagues, which often allow them to distract cheaters and quantify issues in some way. Popular options include a modiff Sheriff mod, which allows a co-worker to have the power to kill as a Deceiver, and the role of a Doctor, allowing one co-worker to resurrect any dead co-worker before a corpse is reported. While these role mods have given co-workers specific skills, the Among Us Detective mod, developed by popular broadcasters and YouTuber Socksfor1, provides a seamless way for colleagues to earn more than fraudsters.

When a coworker is assigned a role as a detective, they have the ability to detect each player’s actions, each with its own skin color. When the Detective finds the body, he can see the feet from the latest players to move anywhere near the body area. However, the action will end over time, so if the Detective does not arrive early enough, there is a good chance that their mistake will be sued in Among Us Detective Mod.

Among Us Detective Mod

Naturally, the ability to see which players are closest to where the murder took place would draw a larger target for the Detective, so it is best for players in this role to keep their position confidential for as long as possible. Here’s how to play the Among Us Detective Mod..

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How to play Among Us Detective Mod

At the time of writing, only Socksfor1 and his friends could access the Among Us Detective mod. Although not widely available for download, players can be lucky enough to get into a game using this mod by joining the server you installed. It is also possible that, due to its popularity, the version is widely available in the future.

When a player is given the role of a detective among us, they will be able to see the movement of all the players as a color dot that matches the color of that player’s spring. These foot steps are bolder and brighter when a player has just passed through this area, but they will begin to wither within a few seconds until they disappear completely. The detective can monitor the doors to see who has entered. They could also look at the body before it was reported that they saw which players were near the area where the colleague was killed in Among Us Detective Mod.

Among Us Detective Mod

The rest of the game goes on as usual, but every player can be tracked by Detective. The Detective will need to complete tasks like other colleagues as they work on their investigation. Sabotage, such as cutting lights or closing doors, will make it more difficult for detectives to use their skills effectively in Among Us Detective Mod. Crew employees can be removed from suspicion if the Detective follows them and does not see anything unusual about their trail.

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Unfortunately, as soon as the Detective reveals the identity of the Deceiver in a meeting, they will play their part. This makes them a victim of fraud, because it will be more fun for the Deceiver to remove the Detective early. The Among Us Detective mod will have to keep quiet about their skills until they are fully convinced of the crime.

Among Us Detective Mod

Further, to avoid being blamed, some scammers may try to falsely claim to be an Investigator, especially if the Detective in Among Us Detective Mod himself suspects them. This can make a real Detective look suspicious and fired if enough people believe the story of the Deceiver.

Use this guide to play Among Us Detective Mod, until then Happy Gaming.