Assassin’s Creed Valhalla Rumors Of Ledecestre Guide

AC Valhalla Rumours of Ledecestre Quest

AC Valhalla Rumours of Ledecestre Quest: Ledecestre’s rumors are the next big request of Assassin’s Creed Valhalla after Bartering. Now that you know that the burglary has taken place in Ledecestre or Temple, you will need to investigate both places with Ivarr and Ubba, respectively. This is just the beginning of the two guidelines offered in this section of the game, both of which are part of our complete Assassin’s Creed Valhalla approach.

If you are currently working on a church inspection and bathhouse with Ivarr but find it difficult to improve, this AC Valhalla Rumours of Ledecestre Quest guide is the only friend you will need. Yes, this and Ivarr, sometimes helpful, sometimes not very helpful.

Anyway, here’s how to check out the church and bathroom in Assassin’s Creed Valhalla to dispel rumors about the big Ledecestre affair.

AC Valhalla Rumours of Ledecestre Quest

AC Valhalla Rumours of Ledecestre Quest Guide

After completing Bartering, choose to go to Ledecestre to meet Ivarr. The quickest way to get here is to drive quickly back to Tamworth, where you should have opened the Tamworth rapid transit station first. This covers about half of your entire trip, so it saves time. It begins AC Valhalla Rumours of Ledecestre Quest.

When you get here, drive up your mountain and wander to the right of Tamworth’s outer wall, following the main path toward your new search mark. When you get closer you will see the city you should enter – however, don’t go to it yet.

Instead, pivot just before you reach the bridge and you will see the Ivarr camp set up on the outskirts of the city, to the right of the harbors. Ivarr is absent, however – in the old-fashioned Ivarr style, he has already raised military barracks to the highest point in the town of Ledecestre makes for  AC Valhalla Rumours of Ledecestre Quest.

AC Valhalla Rumours of Ledecestre Quest

The search mark will disappear as you approach, so use Odin’s vision to pinpoint his whereabouts – if you don’t find a green pulse highlighting his location, you’re on a tower in the southwest corner of the walled city.

To get here, head back to the river – while staying next to the Ivarr camp set up – but don’t go all the way. Instead, turn right on the bank and climb the tower, which is the one Ivarr is on top of. Talk to him and he will play cutscene in AC Valhalla Rumours of Ledecestre Quest.

Ince the end of the cutscene, skipping faith is flour right under you. Now you will learn that you have to search the church and the bathroom. To get to these places you will have to get into town, so remember to lift your hood and prioritize running. If you see a security guard, look for something you can work on to meet – this is a place of mistrust, and you do not want to arouse unnecessary suspicions in AC Valhalla Rumours of Ledecestre Quest.

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The church should be your first calling. And it’s a big church, so it’s hard to miss. You have to be smart in your own way here – it’s a well-protected area, so tie at the back of the building and go up to the back right corner. Try to do this quietly and quickly – even if there is a public disaster, the guards will see you. Going to the top of the church allows you to protect all the guards below, so go up to the northern edge of the roof.

Jump down on the haybale below and enter the door next to you – hide on the left-hand holiday and whistle to attract the first guard. Kill him, and then shoot the guard at the end of the hall with your bow. Get out of the hay and move on, but don’t drink too much – there’s an open door on your left and a guard sent out. Use Odin’s vision to make him glow red if you don’t see him. Once you have identified his location, kill him to start next step for  AC Valhalla Rumours of Ledecestre Quest.

AC Valhalla Rumours of Ledecestre Quest

When you’re done make your way back to the hall and up the wall – the wooden panel here will be damaged, so hit it and jump to the next room, where the stairs will lead you to the basement. The trail is a scroll hidden at the thief’s end. You can also find the bow here, Skadi’s Wrath, by robbing the chest between the stairs and the scroll.

Now that you have finished church, it is time to head to the bathroom. It’s close to church, so go out through the door and make your way through public transportation. It’s a short walk, so no one should know who you are given to open your hood and not make room. When you get to the bathroom, climb the table on its south side. Enter through the open window and above and cut the cord to your right.

Take the right-hand rope at the end of the platform you landed on to the next one – from here, you should have a clear enemy gun with a key on the top of its head. If you do not see the key icon, use Odin detection and it will appear in AC Valhalla Rumours of Ledecestre Quest.

Shoot the guard’s head with the key to kill him quickly and safely. Fold around the side of the platform you are in and you will see a ladder down the room directly to the right where you entered – or to the left if you look at the door where you are now standing in AC Valhalla Rumours of Ledecestre Quest.

The first thing you need to do is collect the roll on the table, which includes the details about the grain stored in the bathroom. Once you have taken this, click, exit the door, and snap your head to the right-hand guard immediately in AC Valhalla Rumours of Ledecestre Quest, who will be notified if you do not act immediately. It’s dry, so it’s easy to do enough.

AC Valhalla Rumours of Ledecestre Quest

When he is spoken to, go to the place where the guard killed him first to collect the key from his body. Walk towards the back of the bathroom – the opposite side of the entrance – climb the stairs to the first platform, and open the right door with the freshly stolen key. Ceolbert is inside – follow him to the market and fight any soldiers who get in your way. Once you’re safe, talk to Ceolbert to start cutting and finish the search. Your next order point is The Walls of Templebrough.

Use this guide for AC Valhalla Rumours of Ledecestre Quest, until then happy gaming.