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AC Valhalla Song of Soma Quest: After The Great Scattered Army, The Song of Soma is the next important mission in Assassin’s Creed Valhalla. You must track down Soma, a Danish jarlskona who just lost Grantebridge to a Saxon called Wigmund.

In terms of fighting, this isn’t a very challenging task, but crossing the murky Fenlands may be a pain. That’s why, as part of our Assassin’s Creed Valhalla tutorial, we’ve put up this The Song of Soma guide. Everything you need to know about AC Valhalla Song of Soma Quest is right here.

AC Valhalla Song of Soma Quest

AC Valhalla Song of Soma Quest Guide

This AC Valhalla Song of Soma Quest guide picks up exactly where our previous guide of The Great Scatter Army came from. When the cutscene at the end of the previous application is finished, you will see a new Fenlands search mark in your minimap. Go to the water and use your warhorn to summon your height. When it arrives, set sail for the search mark.

When you get to your destination you will be given the opportunity to launch an attack, which allows you to double-check that you are in the right place. As soon as you step on the ground and meet your enemies, you will see a long Soma boat near and in the middle of the maelstrom in AC Valhalla Song of Soma Quest.

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However, you need to protect other Saxons before you can test them. While these are just normal enemies that are less threatening, appearing in this area is a good thing because of the fog, which makes it very difficult to see your opponents. Because of this, it is probably best to make sure that you keep your energy level high in AC Valhalla Song of Soma Quest so that you can avoid being caught by the enemy from a distance.

AC Valhalla Song of Soma Quest

Once you have taken care of all the enemies, cut four Norse prisoners tied to the side of the longship. If you have been able to get rid of all your enemies, you should be able to ask one of the prisoners about Soma. He will tell you to flee east to lose the Saxons in the fog in AC Valhalla Song of Soma Quest. Although your destination is not very far away, there are no signs of wanting to direct you there, so we have taken the liberty to include a screenshot of where you need to go to get to the city of Middletun.

Head straight to the highlighted area on the map and you should be able to find Soma quickly. When you enter the village of Middletun and swipe right behind the first people you meet, the search marker should point to a minimap highlighting his exact location. When you get close to him, the cutscene will explode, thus completes AC Valhalla Song of Soma Quest and start the following: Orphans of Wolves.

Use this guide to complete AC Valhalla Song of Soma Quest, untill then happy gaming.

AC Valhalla Song of Soma Quest